250ok DMARC

Protect your recipients and deter fraudulent mailing activity with a DMARC policy.

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DMARC adoption is on the rise.

A DMARC policy is in place on nearly 70% of inboxes around the world to protect consumers and brands from phishing attacks and email fraud. 250ok DMARC is designed to guide you through implementing your own policy with ease. You can now join companies like PayPal, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and others in protecting your brand.

250ok simplifies DMARC deployment.

Intelligent Guidance

Utilizing DMARC’s "observation mode," we analyze compliance and suggest corrective action, ultimately guiding you towards a quarantine or reject policy.

Compliance Scoring

Once we’re receiving your DMARC reports, we’ll score ("Good," "Moderate," etc.) your DMARC performance to set a clear benchmark for improvement.

Message Center

The message center is designed to alleviate the confusion around deploying DMARC by summarizing compliance and authentication results.

Forensics Explorer

Forensic reports provide a detailed view of messages that failed against your DMARC policy and include samples and headers for investigation.

Threat Map

The threat map provides a visual time lapse of threat sources around the world to give you visibility into unverified mail sources.


Our platform supports DMARC deployment across any number of domains to track compliance with mail streams of any size.

Report, analyze, and protect.

Going from observation to protection (via a "quarantine" or "reject" policy) is the ultimate goal. Without 250ok, you’d have to make the transition with very little insight into the process, and that can be confusing. With 250ok, you have a team of experts helping you take every step down the path to compliance and protection:

Report ("Observation")

During observation, 250ok will collect and analyze your DMARC reports to bring authentication issues to your attention and help you improve your compliance.

Analyze ("Quarantine")

During quarantine, ISPs will treat compliance failures as suspicious. 250ok then analyzes reports to help you identify false positives and fraudulent mail sources.

Protect ("Reject")

The final step is protecting your reputation by instructing receiving mailboxes to reject all inbound messages that fail DMARC authentication.

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