Advanced engagement analytics to complement your ESP

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The evolution of email analytics starts here.

Engagement Analysis

Engagement analysis doesn't stop at open rates or CTRs. See who read your campaign and for how long, drilled down to the individual recipient, device, platform, and location.

Advanced Filtering + Segmentation

Segment important groups of recipients matching an unlimited number of combined filters. Get as granular as you want, and reuse segments for quick filtering, reporting, and exporting.

Custom Parameters + Profiling

Go beyond the email address and track any number of custom parameters, such as age or gender, to better identify and segment your recipients for targeted campaigns.

Audience Explorer: Follow the recipient's journey.

Search + Filter + Segment

Build highly-targeted segments using any combination of engagement filters.

Comprehensive Activity History

Dive into recipient-level activity feeds to understand what makes your recipients tick.

Target + Re-engage

Easily identify recipients who have disengaged, where they fell off, and build a win-back list.

Getting started is simple.

Embed A Tracking Pixel

Use our simple campaign creation wizard to grab your tracking pixel and embed it into the body of your email.

Send Your Campaigns

Send your campaign and watch the data roll in. We’ll do the heavy lifting to highlight the relevant data points.

Track. Optimize. Repeat.

Utilize the tracking data to make informed decisions and optimize your campaigns for performance.

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