Real-time feedback loop monitoring to track and suppress complaints

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When a recipient marks your message as spam, some ISPs offer a "feedback loop" so you can track complaints. Historically, feedback loops have been largely underutilized despite being highly impactful on your reputation.

250ok offers the industry's first centralized, comprehensive feedback loop monitoring tool to provide actionable feedback and an unparelleled view into your complaint rate trends.

Complaints are a primary contributor to your email reputation.

Gain Total Transparency

By collecting and analyzing your complaint feedback, we'll track complaints across any number of mail streams to highlight key trends including complaints by hour, day, ISP, IP address, domain, from address, and more.

Discover Real-Time Trends

Our real-time dashboard detects sudden increases in complaints that may cause deliverability issues. You can drill down to message-level data to identify abuse, account compromise, or problematic campaigns.

Analyze and Suppress

The ultimate goal is to suppress and remove problematic recipients, so we track recipient-level complaint frequency to analyze behavior and automate your suppression list.

Getting started is simple.

Enroll in feedback loops at supporting ISPs

Most of the supporting ISPs have a simple application to enroll in their feedback loops. While they may vary slightly, most enrollment forms can be found on the ISP's postmaster page.

Point your reports to 250ok

Supporting ISPs most commonly send Abuse Reporting Format (ARF) files directly to an email address of your choosing. In this case, you can use 250ok's dedicated mailboxes for report collection.

250ok collects and analyzes complaint reports

We'll start collecting your complaint reports for analysis. Most importantly, we'll spot-check your feedback loop enrollment periodically to ensure continuous and consistent monitoring.

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