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With ISPs like Gmail blocking 10 million potentially harmful emails every 60 seconds, it’s no surprise that mailbox providers have applied aggressive filtering measures to protect their customers and deter spam. As a result, legitimate senders need sophisticated real-time tools to help them land in the inbox and know when they don’t. Emails that don’t reach the inbox are simply wasted opportunities.

Measure your inbox placement, not just deliverability.

With 250ok Inbox, we focus on tracking this “last mile” of delivery and identifying revenue-impacting issues in real-time to ensure your return on investment. With all of the time, effort and money you’ve invested in your email program, can you afford not to know how your messages are handled?

What sets 250ok apart?

Innovative Monitoring Tools

Is your mail reaching your recipients, landing in the spam folder, or being blocked entirely? Is SPF or DKIM failing? 250ok Inbox provides the visibility you need to understand where your mail is going and why.

Seedlist Optimizer

While most traditional seed testing tools treat all receiving mailboxes as equals, 250ok Inbox offers our Seedlist Optimizer (patent pending) to customize your seedlist based on your actual outbound mail stream.

Unparalleled Coverage

250ok Inbox provides unparalleled international seed coverage to track inbox placement around the world and deliver real-time feedback to help you pinpoint deliverability issues and take corrective action.

Robust Reporting

250ok Inbox’s reporting engine provides total flexibility to break down your deliverability by campaign, ISP, region, date, and more. You can build any number of custom reports and dashboards to track what matters to you.

Customized Alerts

250ok Alerts provide absolute flexibility in customizing your alerts to track your most important email metrics. You can set up custom SMS and email notifications to bring critical issues to your attention as they happen.

Informative Diagnostics

Measuring inbox placement is just one important piece of the equation. 250ok Inbox’s campaign diagnostics provide insight into authentication issues, deliverability trends, and ISP-specific feedback to identify problems at the source and help you take corrective action.

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