SNDS & Signal Spam

Automate your SNDS & Signal Spam reporting to track spam traps and complaint rates.

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Track complaints at Hotmail,, Laposte, Sfr, and Orange.

What is SNDS?

Microsoft SNDS enables mailers to monitor their sending reputation to Hotmail/ email addresses. You can utilize this data to identify campaigns resulting in a high complaint rate or excessive spam trap hits. If you’ve ever been blocked at, this free tool is a must-have in your deliverability arsenal.

What is Signal Spam?

Signal Spam is a French non-profit composed of senders, ISPs, law enforcement, and government agencies formed to combat spam. Similar to SNDS, Signal Spam tracks your complaint rates at Laposte, Sfr, and Orange and provides a direct data feed into 250ok. You can see complaints broken down by day, IP address, mailbox provider, and more.

More data sources, one comprehensive reporting engine.

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