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Protect Your Reputation

A perfect compliment to our real-time blacklist monitoring, 250ok Reputation proactively records a proprietary spam trap network containing millions of domain. You can monitor your IPs and domains to identify sending practices that damage your reputation. We’ll show you trap hits by day, IP, domain, subject line, country, and more so that you can quickly identify issues, take corrective action, and keep your reputation intact.

Protect Your Customers

250ok Reputation analyzes billions of messages to provide unprecedented visibility into email-based brand abuse like phishing and spoofing. The days of simply relying on ambiguous trap counts are over. Whether you are an ESP analyzing the reputation of customers on a shared IP pool or a direct sender with multiple mail streams deployed over a single IP, we'll help you identify and combat fraudulent mailing activity in new and unique ways.

Feedback Loop Monitoring

The feedback loop dashboard is designed to provide actionable feedback and a more comprehensive view into your reputation. Complaints by day, hour, IP address, and domain are just a few of the key trends we’ll highlight to help you identify and suppress your troublesome recipients. Learn More

The protection enterprises need, with the insight senders love.

Unprecedented Granularity

We process billions of messages to identify where you are struggling, where you are winning, and how you can improve your performance moving forward.

Comprehensive Analytics

Quickly detect fraudulent mailing activity and see which of your IPs, email addresses, and domains are sending the most unauthorized mail.

Enhanced with SNDS & Signal Spam

Automate your SNDS & Signal Spam reporting to track spam traps and complaint rates at Hotmail, Outlook.com, Laposte, Sfr, and Orange.

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