The numbers speak for themselves.

In early benchmarks performed against market leaders*, 250ok discovered:

Other vendors are misclassifying deliverable addresses.

Up to 2% of the addresses a leading vendor classified as undeliverable were actually valid addresses.

Send to more: Of a list of 10 million email addresses, this could mean other vendors are telling you not to send to nearly 200,000 deliverable addresses.

On a massive scale.

Other vendors have, on average, 9x the unknown (unmatchable) addresses as 250ok (with a peak of 15x). Of those unknown addresses, up to 75% are deliverable.

Send with more confidence: Increased accuracy in our data and our processes allows you to send to more of the email address others are unable to successfully classify.

250ok is better at finding bad addresses.

We're up to 40% better at identifying undeliverable addresses than leading validation providers.

Send with more confidence: We're better at catching the undeliverable, addresses which could harm your reputation if sent to.

A lot better, actually.

In one test, 99.5% of the addresses one vendor identified as “high risk” were actually Verified Vaild.

Send to more: While others may not have the data to determine real risk, 250ok's Verified Valid can not only find you more deliverable addresses but addresses who have demonstrated recent engagement activity signals.

* Based on research performed by 250ok’s proprietary multi-step validation process on 1,054,000 email addresses against industry-leading email validation vendors, June 2019.

The Power of Platform: Better Pricing Model

Everything all in one.

250ok's Validation is part of a powerful platform of email intelligence. Our strength comes from the combination of all 250ok data and features working together.

Platform = Better Pricing

When you get the 250ok platform, you not only benefit from market-leading email analytics, you benefit from significant savings over a la carte relationships with multiple vendors. Replace them, and consolidate your needs for significant savings, because we only charge for each UNIQUE address, not total addresses.

We're not just out here. We changed the game.

250ok's Validation form plugin proactively corrects invalid addresses while providing a seamless user experience on your web forms.
(Coming Soon)

Convert more customers.

250ok’s form plugin helps you convert more customers by proactively correcting common misspellings and input errors at the time of collection as they arrive, thanks to our real-time API.

Tailored to your needs.

Build your forms to meet your exact goals. You can choose to disallow freemail, disposable, or temporary addresses and customize the plugin to match your branding standards.

Analyze the results.

Thanks to full platform integration, you can use 250ok’s form analytics to keep track of your form views, conversions, and proactively corrected addresses to see your list health improve over time. Then, take those learnings to watch analytics on deliverability, engagement, and more!

But wait, there's more!

Proprietary Data Set

We’ve built all the technology we use on our platform, meaning we have access to unique data sets, our own sensor network, and proprietary tools no one else can harness.

Real-time API

Don’t wait. Our real-time API provides almost instant validation to better suppress invalid sign-ups from ending up on your distribution lists. (Coming Soon!)

Granular Classifications

We don’t use the stoplight method here. You’ll get in-depth classifications like valid, verified valid, undeliverable, and more so you can choose which you feel comfortable using.

Powered by Experts

Get Verified Valid, a higher degree of certainty informed by industry best practices and backed by decades of experience at ISPs, ESPs, and competitors.

Form Analytics

Our form plugin tracks views, abandonments, and conversions to identify bottlenecks in your sign-up process and help you fast-track quality mailing list growth.

SOC 2 Type II Certified

Your data is precious and we treat it as such. We have the highest and strictest standards of data protection so you can rest assured we won’t play around.

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